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Gaming with your head: Dennis Winkens presented inclusive computer gaming at the 2nd ZAB - Forum Accessability

Published on 6. July 2023
Dennis Winkens, better known as WheelyWorld on Twitch, is paraplegic from the neck down and supports other gamers with similar disabilities. He controls his computer, his games and everything else that goes with it exclusively with his mouth. As an ambassador for limitless gaming, he is committed to inclusion both within and beyond the gaming world.

2nd ZAB - Forum Accessibility: Gaming with the head - Inclusive gaming

Published on 22. June 2023
Gruppenbild acht menschen Monday, July 3, 2023, 2 p.m., Room X-E0-002 (X-Building).

This time's guest is Dennis, known on Twitch as WheelyWorld. The avid gamer is paraplegic from the neck down and will introduce us to how he uses the QuadStick to play computer games as an "Ambassador for Gaming without Borders". He will report which added value computer games can have and where inclusion can be found in this area. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to play with and against Dennis![Weiterlesen]

New training series on accessibility

Published on 17. May 2023
The new ZAB training series with four events on the topic of accessibility for staff will start soon. The events cover various aspects, from the basics of disability to practical exercises on creating accessible materials and websites in the Roxen CMS. Accessibility is a key issue in our society and has a direct impact on access and participation for people with different disabilities. With these training courses, we would like to support employees of Bielefeld University in making their work even more inclusive and promoting equal opportunities for all.

This series of events replaces and expands the previous training on the basics of digital accessibility. 


Successful start of the 1st ZAB - Forum Accessibility with Raúl Krauthausen

Published on 5. May 2023
Gruppenbild acht menschen
In a fully occupied lecture hall, Rector Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sagerer opened the first ZAB - Forum Accessibility on the occasion of today's protest day for the equality of people with disabilities. Under the motto "Shaping the future without barriers", the event was also implemented as barrier-free as possible - a novelty at our university.

Representatives of the severely disabled visit the ZAB

Published on 3. May 2023
Confidential representatives of the disabled representatives of the universities of Darmstadt and Fulda as well as the main disabled representative of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the representative for students with disabilities of the University of Darmstadt visited the Accessible Services. Various topics on working and studying with disabilities were the focus of the exchange. [Weiterlesen]

AccessAbility - 2nd run successfully kicked off!

Published on 20. April 2023
The Accessability Services' peer mentoring program "AccessAbility" has been launched on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, with its first workshop for mentors and mentees. Altogether, 14 students with disabilities, chronic or mental illness participate. They will support each other in tandems, benefit from the workshops offered, and get to know the diverse and extensive support and counseling services offered by Bielefeld University. We are pleased to welcome these motivated participants and wish them all the best for the summer semester 2023![Weiterlesen]

1st ZAB - Forum Barrierefrei: Reading by Raúl Krauthausen

Published on 12. April 2023

Thursday, 04 May 2023, 4 p.m., Room X-E0-001 (X-Building)

Rector Prof. Gerhard Sagerer opens the first ZAB - Forum Barrierefrei under the motto "Shaping the future barrier-free" of this year's European Day of Protest for the Equality of People with Disabilities. The activist Raúl Krauthausen provides inspiration about what it takes to make society accessible. He reads from his new book " Those who want inclusion will find a way. Those who don't want it will find excuses."


For the beginning of the term

Published on 6. April 2023
We welcome all students and employees to the start of the new term!
In the summer term 2023, the ZAB has many offers for students and employees in its portfolio. [Weiterlesen]

Report about DACHS on Deutschlandfunk Campus & Career

Published on 22. March 2023

Currently, Deutschlandfunk Campus & Karriere reports in a radio report about the approved DACHS project of the Central Accessibility Contact Point. 

From Dlf Audiothek | Campus & Career | Studying without barriers: New project at Bielefeld University.


DACHS project is funded

Published on 14. February 2023
With the DACHS project (Digital Accessibility Checking and Simulation), the ZAB - Zentrale Anlaufstelle Barrierefrei has successfully acquired a new project. In the project, an interactive portal for teachers is being developed that sensitises teachers to the requirements of barrier-free teaching and teaches skills for implementation. The portal consists of awareness-raising, simulation, testing and instruction components. A core functionality of the portal will be the testing of Moodle and Ilias learning spaces, enabling teachers to make the place where they provide their materials to students accessible. 

Peers & Pizza

Published on 8. February 2023
Last Thursday evening, the participants of the ZAB peer mentoring programme met for pizza and games to ring in the lecture-free period and exchange experiences.

New training programme starts

Published on 3. February 2023
In 2023, we will start a new training programme. It replaces the previous training on the "Basics of Digital Accessibility" and is intended to enable a deeper exchange between lecturers and participants on the one hand, and on the other hand, participants should learn and practice how to implement accessibility themselves.[Weiterlesen]

An informative visit: Working Group 3 of the Faculty of Education at the ZAB

Published on 25. January 2023
On 23 January 2023, the lecturers of Working Group 3 (AG3) of the Faculty of Education at Bielefeld University visited ZAB - Zentrale Anlaufstelle Barrierefrei  to learn more about its tasks and goals and to get to know the ZAB's services for students and employees with disabilities or chronic illnesses.[Weiterlesen]

Welcome to the new year!

Published on 17. January 2023
Welcome to the new year! We hope you all had a relaxing and fulfilling time during the holidays. ZAB is now moving forward at full speed, because we are also looking forward to many exciting projects in the New Year.[Weiterlesen]

SHUFFLE-Excursion to the Czech Republic

Published on 13. December 2022
This week, the SHUFFLE team visited the Teiresias Centre at Masaryk University in Brno and the Pyramida Centre at the University of Ostrava. In various workshops and discussions, the participants exchanged ideas about the implementation of Universal Design at universities and the needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The various interesting insights gained will be of great benefit to the SHUFFLE project and the ZAB.

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