New training programme starts

Published on 3. February 2023
In 2023, we will start a new training programme. It replaces the previous training on the "Basics of Digital Accessibility" and is intended to enable a deeper exchange between lecturers and participants on the one hand, and on the other hand, participants should learn and practice how to implement accessibility themselves.

The four training courses partly build on each other and it is therefore recommended to attend the previous ones. The trainings take place on the same day of the week and at the same time in consecutive weeks, so that it is possible to attend all trainings at once.

The first training we offer is "Designing Accessibility Together: Foundations for Accessible Teaching and Working Environments". Here, participants will be taught the basics of the topic of accessibility. There is also room for open discussions with the lecturers, where participants can bring in their previous experiences and questions.

The second training course is about the "Basics of Digital Accessibility". In contrast to the previous training, some basics have been outsourced to the "Designing Accessibility Together" training. Therefore, it is recommended to attend this training first. In addition, the in-depth training for Word and PowerPoint has been outsourced to a separate training in order to focus more on the basics and to be able to teach them better.

The third training course is "Accessible document creation with PowerPoint and Word". Here, it is explained in detail how to create accessible documents in the programmes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own PowerPoint or Word presentation to identify barriers. It is recommended to attend the training "Basics of Digital Accessibility" beforehand, as it partly builds on the contents of this one.

The last training is on "Accessible websites with Roxen". This training is aimed at people who create or maintain websites with the university's Roxen CMS. It explains what needs to be taken into account to ensure that the content created is accessible for visitors to the website. Here, too, it is recommended to attend the training course on the "Basics of Digital Accessibility" beforehand.