UniMaps at the ICCHP-AAATE 2022

Published on 20. July 2022
From July 11-15, 2022, ZAB participated in the Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility in Lecco, Italy. Lecco brought together researchers and practitioners in the field of assistive technology and accessibility.

ZAB colleague is guest on NEOlogue Podcast

Published on 30. June 2022

For the new episode of the NEOlogue podcast, a project of the NEOLAIA initiative, Anika Voigt was interviewed about diversity and inclusion. Anika Voigt has a disability and completed her Master’s degree at Bielefeld University. She currently is the project coordinator of the ZAB’s project AccessAbility – Peer Mentoring Programme. 



New peer mentoring program "AccessAbility"

Published on 13. June 2022
Attention Students and prospective students! We are looking for participants right now for the winter semester. The ZAB's new peer mentoring program "AccessAbility" will start in the winter semester! You can register now to participate.[Weiterlesen]

Accessible Adobe InDesign

Published on 24. February 2022
In the last two days, the target group-seminar on 'Accessible documents with Adobe InDesign' took place.
In addition to this workshop, a TeamChat 2.0 exchange room was created and a small workshop is going to take place soon.

UniMaps Update

Published on 2. February 2022
The UniMaps Android app can now display maps in different languages with the update to 1.4.4.

In the iOS version a bug with umlauts was fixed with the update to 1.0.2.

UniMaps iOS release

Published on 21. January 2022

Since the end of 2021, the iOS-version of UniMaps can be downloaded in the AppStore. Barrier-free navigation is now accessible to all students. Due to numerous functions, all different facilities of Bielefeld University can be fully used and students’ lives could be made easier.


Presentation of bachelor theses at UniMaps

Published on 6. January 2022
Last year, the first two final theses from the subject area of computer science were written in the ZAB. On January 18, 2022 at 11 am, the presentation of the two theses will take place on zoom. All interested parties are invited to attend the presentation. The access data will be announced one hour before publication in the blog post.

UniMaps 1.4.3 Update

Published on 6. July 2021
Version 1.4.3 of the UniMaps Android app was released on 6.7.2021.

In this version, the room search has been revised.  In addition, some bugs have been fixed and the stability of the app has been improved.

Resolution on the implementation of the Diversity Action Plan in the Commission for University Development

Published on 9. June 2021
The Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Diversity and the Representative for Severely Disabled Students presented and discussed the Diversity Action Plan in the Commission for University Development. The commission expressly welcomes the implementation of the action plan and also suggests making offers for students more visible and expanding them.[Weiterlesen]

UniMaps 1.4.2 Update

Published on 7. June 2021
Version 1.4.2 of the UniMaps Android app was released on 7.6.2021.

In this version, the room search has been revised. With the new category "Nearby" you can be navigated to the nearest toilet, defibrillator or place of learning. In addition, some bugs have been fixed and the stability of the app has been improved.

Rectorate decides to implement the Diversity Action Plan

Published on 7. May 2021
The Diversity-Sensitive and Barrier-Free University of Bielefeld Action Plan (in short: "Diversity Action Plan") is implemented with the decision of the Rectorate.
This makes Bielefeld University the first university in Germany to bring together the cross-cutting issue of diversity within the framework of a strategic action programme. We are pleased that our concept was able to convince and has now been anchored university-wide under the leadership of the Prorectorate for International Affairs and Diversity, Human Resources Development Science, the Representative Council for Severely Disabled Persons and Equal Opportunities.

Video and audioguide regarding UniMaps have been published

Published on 4. May 2021
Regarding UniMaps, a new video as well as a revised audio guide have been published on the ZAB Youtube channel, today. The video and the audio guide take central functions, the operation of the app and the navigation on campus Bielefeld as one's theme. Likewise, further helpful functions for the daily life on campus Bielefeld are presented.[Weiterlesen]

UniMaps as Best Practice on a Berlin congress

Published on 31. January 2020

In January 2020, UniMaps was introduced on the congress 'Hochschule ohne Hindernisse - Aufgaben, Beispiele, Chancen' (university without barriers - tasks, examples, chances) as Best Practice project.


UniMaps presented on ISY-Mastercongress

Published on 28. October 2019

In October 2019, the UniMaps-project 'Automatic Code Generation for a Cross-Platform Indoor Navigation App' was presented as a part of the second ISY-Mastercongress.


Development of IOS with accompanying project

Published on 1. August 2019

In august 2019 the development of an IOS version of UniMaps has started. The app is anticipated to be released in the second half of 2021. The app originates a part of an accompanying project named 'Automatic Code Generation for a Cross-Platform Indoor Navigation App'.