Webinar series on digital accessibility in teaching and at the university as a whole

Published on 2. May 2024
Enabling a university for all and systematically improving digital accessibility in university teaching - these are the main goals of the SHUFFLE project. In a four-part webinar series (in German), we invite you to get to know the results of the SHUFFLE project, which will help you to make your teaching accessible and to evaluate the status of digital accessibility at your own university. [Weiterlesen]

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ralf Stoecker: Diversity at eye level - On the importance of human dignity for our understanding of inclusion, diversity and participation

Published on 18. April 2024

As part of the ZAB Accessibility Forum, Ralf Stoecker, Senior Professor of Philosophy in Bielefeld, will be giving a lecture on "Diversity at eye level - On the importance of human dignity for our understanding of inclusion, diversity and participation". Since 2008 at the latest, when the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into force, it should be clear that everyone has the right to live in an inclusive and diverse society in which they can actively participate.


Welcome to the summer term 2024!

Published on 8. April 2024

Dear students, dear first-year students,

We are very happy to welcome you to Bielefeld University in the summer semester! We will provide you with support on all issues relating to studying with a disability or chronic or mental illness, from starting your studies to completing your doctorate.

Not invisible on World Autism Awareness Day

Published on 2. April 2024
In 2007, the United Nations designated 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day to affirm and promote the full realisation of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for autistic people on an equal basis with others. Under this year's motto "not invisible", we would like to draw attention to the more than 800,000 autistic people living in Germany alone.[Weiterlesen]

SHUFFLE spring meeting in Freiburg

Published on 28. March 2024
This year's spring meeting of the SHUFFLE project took place in Freiburg on March 21 and 22. A total of 21 people from the four partner universities Bielefeld University, Stuttgart Media University and the Universities of Education in Heidelberg and Freiburg took part.[Weiterlesen]

4th ZAB Forum now on YouTube

Published on 21. March 2024
At the last ZAB Forum Barrierefrei, Bielefeld professors Tanja Sappok, Sabine Steinke, Lara Keuck and Christian Brandt discussed the "Changeability and effectiveness of medical diagnoses" together with moderator Ninia LaGrande (in German language).[Weiterlesen]

Federal conference of the Representative Bodies for Severely Disabled Employees from March 12-14

Published on 14. March 2024
Representatives of Bielefeld University's Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees attended this year's Federal Conference of Representatives for Severely Disabled Employees. All representatives of severely disabled employees in Germany were invited to the conference, which provided insights into the work of disabled employees' representatives in all employer sectors, such as the public sector, corporations and companies as well as church institutions.

In the shadow of gender equality: women with disabilities on International Women's Day

Published on 8. March 2024
On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are taking a special look at the situation of women with disabilities - a group whose concerns are still too often ignored despite significant progress in gender equality. Almost one in five women worldwide is affected by a disability. In Germany, 12.3% of the female population was officially recognized as disabled in 2021. These figures do not reflect the full reality, as women who are chronically ill without an officially recognized degree of disability, for example, are not taken into account.

Rare are many - International Rare Disease Day

Published on 29. February 2024
300 million people worldwide are affected by a rare disease. That's 1 in 20, so rare is not rare! This year is a very special Rare Disease Day, because today is the rarest International Rare Disease Day.

New competence center to promote digital accessibility at universities

Published on 26. February 2024
Universities play a decisive role in the digital transformation of our society. In order to live up to this responsibility and ensure equal participation for all students and employees, the new Competence Center for Barrier-Free Digital University Administration.NRW of the Disabled Persons' Representation / ZAB - Zentrale Anlaufstelle Barrierefrei will sustainably promote digital accessibility at universities in North Rhine-Westphalia.[Weiterlesen]

Development of the UniMaps 2.0 version

Published on 23. February 2024
Version 2.0 of UniMaps is currently under development and will be released later this year. At this point we would like to explain some background information and give a first preview of the new version.

SHUFFLE Continues

Published on 8. February 2024
The collaborative project SHUFFLE is set to continue its funding through the "Innovation in Higher Education Teaching" foundation, which has approved an extension until the end of December 2025, extending the original duration by 17 months. [Weiterlesen]

Current training series on the topic of accessibility

Published on 1. February 2024
The new ZAB training series with three events on the topic of accessibility for staff will start soon. The events cover various aspects, from the basics of disability to practical exercises on creating accessible materials and websites in the Roxen CMS. [Weiterlesen]

Postcards with a message: raising awareness of accessibility

Published on 18. January 2024
The ZAB - Accessability Services are launching a distribution campaign of free postcards that are not only visually appealing, but also creatively address the topics of disability, equality for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and accessibility.[Weiterlesen]

Interdisciplinary panel discussion at the ZAB Forum Barrier-free

Published on 12. December 2023
On November 28, 2023, the ZAB welcomed six guests to the Forum Barrierefrei: Professors Lara Keuck, Tanja Sappok, Christian Brandt and Sabine Steinke discussed the highly topical subject of "Changeability and effectiveness of medical diagnoses" with moderator Ninia LaGrande and the audience. The event was introduced by Prof. Dr. med. Hornberg, Dean of the OWL Faculty of Medicine. The event was introduced by Prof. Dr. med. Hornberg, Dean of the OWL Faculty of Medicine.