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Annika Kemper successfully defended her doctoral thesis

Veröffentlicht am 26. Mai 2023
On May 26, Annika Kemper successfully defended her doctoral thesis with the title "On Optimal Incentives for Renewable Investments and the Pricing of Electricity Swap Contracts". Congratulations!
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CUDE - a new research training group is being funded

Veröffentlicht am 8. Mai 2023
The new research training group CUDE (Coping with Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments) has officially been granted funding by the DFG for the next five years. This allows funding for up to 24 PhD students in two cohorts who will engage in developing economic and mathematical methods to deal with uncertainty.
More information can be found in the most recent press release.
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Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2023
Today the Homecoming-Seminar takes place, in which former IMW students talk about their career entry. The IMW is welcoming Svea Drekshagen from the re-insurance company Hannover Rück and Nils Grafen from the insurance group Hannover, who will share their experiences around the topic work routine in insurance. The seminar starts at 14:15 in the seminar room V10-122. afterwards there will be a get-together in V10-151, sponsored by the Hannover Rück. Interested students are warmly welcome.
Further information can by found on the following flyer.
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Giorgio Ferrari in Ulm

Veröffentlicht am 18. November 2022
Giorgio Ferrari is visiting Ulm University and on November 18 will give a seminar on "Consumption decision, portfolio choice and healthcare irreversible investment" within the Actuarial Science Seminar.
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New article by Jodi Dianetti and Giorgio Ferrari accepted for publication

Veröffentlicht am 20. September 2022
The paper "Stationary Discounted and Ergodic Mean Field Games of Singular Control" by Jodi Dianetti and Giorgio Ferrari has been accepted for publication in Mathematics of Operations Research (joint work with Haoyang Gao). Congratulations!
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IMW members at workshop in Berlin

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2022
From August 29 to 31, the IMW is represented at the workshop Mathematics and Financial Economics - Many Player Games And Applications - at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In addition to financial support from IMW and SFB 1283, Frank Riedel participated as a member of the organizing team. Scientific presentations will be given by Jodi Dianetti, Anna Hager, Giorgio Ferrari and Max Nendel.

More information here

Official description:
This workshop brings together leading experts from mathematics, economics, operations research and engineering departments to discuss recent developments in the theory of many player games and their applications to finance and engineering. The workshop follows up on series of similar events in a recent ZiF Research Group held at Bielefeld University (ZiF - Robust Finance) where the impact of uncertainty and ambiguity for optimal economic decision making were explored. 

The workshop was held on August 29 - August 31, 2022 at the Humboldt University Berlin. It is sponsored by Springer publisher, the Collaborative Research Center CRC 1283 at Bielefeld University, the Berlin-Oxford International Research Training Group IRTG 2544, and the Transregio Collaborative Research Center TRCRC 190 at Humboldt University and LMU Munich. The workshop is jointly organized by the Humboldt University at Berlin and the Center for Mathematical Economics at Bielefeld University.
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Max Nendel gives a talk in Freiburg

Veröffentlicht am 8. Juni 2022
On June 10th, 2022, Max Nendel gives a talk entitled "Asymptotic parametrization of Wasserstein balls and perturbed Markovian transition semigroups" in the FDM-Seminar of the University of Freiburg.
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IMW extended by 5 years

Veröffentlicht am 4. Oktober 2021
The rectorate of the University Bielefeld formally extended the Center for Mathematical Economics as a research center until September 2026. Congratulations!
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Online talk by Manuel Förster at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Veröffentlicht am 17. Mai 2021
On May 20, Manuel Förster gives an online talk with the title "Strategic transmission of imperfect information: Why revealing evidence (without proof) is difficult" at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
Abstract: In our cheap-talk setting, an expert privately observes multiple binary signals, her soft evidence, about a continuous state of the world and then communicates with a decision-maker. While direct transmission of evidence entails communicating details on and potentially revealing each signal, indirect transmission of evidence entails communicating a summary statistics of her evidence. We first establish that fully informative equilibria exist if the conflict of interest is small. Otherwise, direct transmission of evidence is impossible, as neglecting one part of the soft evidence in the communication necessarily induces incentives to manipulate the report on the other part. On the contrary, indirect transmission of evidence remains partially informative for intermediate conflicts of interest. Finally, we introduce the possibility of verification. We show that, if the costs of verification are low, the expert can fully reveal her evidence regardless of the conflict of interest.
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Anna Zaharieva becomes member of the Journal of Migration Studies

Veröffentlicht am 11. Februar 2021
Anna Zaharieva becomes a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Journal of Migration Studies of Osnabrück University.
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BiGSEM Workshop 2020

Veröffentlicht am 15. Dezember 2020
The 15th annual BiGSEM Doctoral Workshop on Economics and Management took place from December 14 to 15 and was the first one to be held completely online. The talks covered different topics whithin microeconomic and macroeconomic theory as well as empirical studies. The usual social events were substituted by an online pub quiz and a drawing game. The IMW was represented in the organizing committee by its doctoral student Gerrit Bauch. Further information can be found on the BiGSEM homepage.
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New Econometrica Publication by Frank Riedel

Veröffentlicht am 24. November 2020
The paper „Viability and Arbitrage under Knightian Uncertainty“, a joint project of Frank Riedel, Mete Soner (Princeton) and Matteo Burzoni (Milano), was accepted for publication in "Econometrica".
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Game Theorists win Nobel Memorial Prize

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2020
The IMW appreciates the honour given to Paul R. Milgrom und Robert B. Wilson awarding them with the Nobel Memorial Prize. Their contributions to the field of game theory, especially auction theory, have ever since been seminal and found application in many common scenarios, such as the auction of 5-G mobile licenses. Further reading and comments of Prof. Riedel, director of the IMW, can be found in the following two German newspaper articles: Neue Westfälische, Westfalen-Blatt
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New IMW Homepage online

Veröffentlicht am 24. September 2020
Starting from 24th of September 2020, the old homepage of the IMW was exchanged for the new one. It now runs on the new content management system (Roxen17) and fits into the corporate design of the University. If you encounter any wrong links or have suggestions for adjustments, please write an email to our IT support
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IMW now on Twitter

Veröffentlicht am 22. September 2020
The IMW is now active on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/BielefeldImw/. In order to increase our perception on Twitter you can help us by retweeting our posts.
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