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Camouflage or communication: how birds use odour

Published on 14. März 2022

Biologists have investigated the purpose of changes in preen oil

Bild eines Vogels

What senses do birds use? Obviously, they use hearing and sight—after all, they sing and often have colourful plumage. But what about the sense of smell? For a long time, it was thought that olfaction played no role in birds. In recent years, however, a number of papers have emerged that refute this assumption—including research that looks at the secretion from the preen gland that birds smear on their feathers several times a day. Scientists, including some from Bielefeld University, have investigated what changes there might be in the composition of the secretion and what role smell plays in this. Their study was published on 6 February in the journal Biological Reviews. 

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Seeing through blood with a microscope

Published on 5. März 2022

Research network develops technology to fight bacterial contamination

Inflammation of the middle ear is often triggered a cholesteatoma, an aggressive form of chronic otitis media. In order to detect cholesteatomas and bacterial biofilms and to remove them safely, the new collaborative project ‘BetterView’ is working on a special surgical microscope. This so-called SWIR microscope system uses short-wave infrared light. The aim is to illuminate blood, bacterial biofilms, cartilage, and soft tissue; display them spatially; and make them distinguishable from each other. The seven partner institutions cooperating in the project include Bielefeld University and Klinikum Bielefeld, one of the hospitals forming the University Hospital OWL. The research is coordinated by the medical technology company Munich Surgical Imaging. A total of 4.1 million euros will be spent on the project. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the new research.[Weiterlesen]
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