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16.11.2023 Gary Shaw, Wesleyan: Time, Tense, and Change in British Historiography from Bede to Peter Brown

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2023, 09:43 Uhr

The relationship of historiography to time is a very complicated one. History often can seem almost synonymous with the past, a part of time that is very challenging to know and yet which everyone believes in. The future is all in all murkier and might not amount to much. The past—at least some it--seems nailed down as important and historians are its experts. However, notwithstanding a vast and compelling amount of literature, much very contemporary on time’s regimes and the shifting character of temporality in the 21st century, the ways that historians actually have used time and temporality in their research and writing is sometimes less closely examined. In this talk, the possibilities and practices of historiography are brought front and centre through an examination of several British historians chosen from a long period of time merely to highlight possibilities and diversities that could help re-orient our understanding of the relationship of time to historiographical practice and to refurbish our theory of historiography. Examples from the medieval to the contemporary will feature—including Bede, Catherine Macaulay, and Peter Brown--as we address the question: how have historians used time, including continuity, eternity, and tense, to create history’s meanings.”