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Linie 4: An office in the tropics

Veröffentlicht am 26. April 2022

Linie 4: An office in the tropics

What did German consuls actually do in South America in the 19th century? And how can this be researched? Tim Rieke explores these questions in the public lecture series Linie 4, organised by the BGHS together with the vhs Bielefeld. In his lecture “German bureaucracy in tropical climes - How can historians research German consuls in South America in the 19th century?” he accompanies 19th century German state representatives overseas using various source documents. The documents show the manifold activities of the consuls, who conveyed information to authorities and companies, were supposed to promote trade and were contact persons for their compatriots abroad. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the aim is to piece together these sources. However, the lecture not only provides insights into the activities of the consuls, but also into the working methods of a historian in the field of transnational history.

Tim Rieke studied history and German studies in Bielefeld and Bologna and has been working on his doctorate in history at the BGHS since 2021 on the topic of "The socio-cultural role of German consuls in 19th century South America". He holds a doctoral scholarship of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and came to his topic quite unbureaucratically through the chance discovery of a source text.

The lecture will take place on Monday, 2 May 2022 at 6.15 pm in the Murnau-Saal at the vhs Bielefeld, Ravensberger Park 1. The event will be held in German.

Here you can find information about Line 4 and the lectures in the series.

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BGHS-International Workshop

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2022

BGHS-International Workshop "Social Movements on the Move: Interdisciplinary perspectives on global and local practices of street action, identity politics and remembrance." (19-20 May 2022)

On 19 and 20 May 2022, the BGHS will organise the International Workshop "Social Movements on the Move: Interdisciplinary perspectives on global and local practices of street action, identity politics and remembrance". After two years in remote work due to the Corona pandemic, it will be the first BGHS event on location. The rationale of the workshop follows the basic principles of the BGHS of interdisciplinarity, internationality and the promotion of doctoral researchers' initiative on their way to becoming "research personalities", fostering exchange, networking and cooperation between doctoral researchers and established scholars. The latter include professors from the BGHS, from the international NEOLAiA network and the strategic partner universities of Bielefeld University.

The workshop will bring together experts on women's social movements, worker's movements, street action within democratic regimes in Europa, recent social and popular movements in Latin America and commemorative practices. The following guest lecturers have confirmed their participation:

  • Prof. Izabela Dahl - Örebro University / Guest Lecturer at Department of History
  • Prof. Natalia Krzyzanowska - Örebro University
  • Prof. Nicole Horáková - University of Ostrava
  • Prof. Marica Tolomelli - University of Bologna
  • Prof. Geoff Cubitt - University of York
  • Prof. Miguel Urrego - Guadalajara University/ CALAS Guest


On Thursday, 19 May, the first day of the workshop, 13 doctoral researchers, selected after a call, will present short papers in four groups. The papers will be based on their doctoral research projects, and they will discuss them with renowned experts from our international partner universities. This format is based on our experience with the BGHS Research Retreat. In addition, on Friday, 20 May, six professors from Bielefeld University and guest lecturers from our partner universities will discuss in two round tables relevant questions related to social movements and the challenges of a global society. Furthermore, various social activities and information events will allow the participants to exchange ideas and experiences. The social activities are open to the entire BGHS community. To see the programme, click here.

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Welcome Day Summer Semester 2022

Veröffentlicht am 14. April 2022

Welcome Day Summer Semester 2022

:: 10 new doctoral researchers at the BGHS::

On Tuesday, 12 April, the BGHS Welcome Day for the summer semester 2022 took place, due to the current uncertain covid situation via Zoom. The BGHS directors Klaus Weinhauer and Ruth Ayaß welcomed the new doctoral researchers, who had the opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know the doctoral representatives and the BGHS office staff. Sabine Schäfer then introduced the BGHS training and study programme. We wish all new members a wonderful start to their doctorate at the BGHS.

New BGHS doctoral researchers and their projects:

  • Iris Bartelt (Soziologie): Reconstructing the International Labour Organization’s embeddedness in its inter-organizational environment
  • Sarah Brunsmeier (Soziologie): Social integration at the digitalized workplace: Investigating direct and indirect effects of digital assistance systems on workplace relationships
  • Kai-Sören Falkenhain (Soziologie): Zivilgesellschaftliche Integration durch Konflikt? Funktionen, Verläufe und Folgen migrantischer und nichtmigrantischer Konflikte in Duisburg
  • Michael Götzelmann (Geschichtswissenschaft): Vergleichen in alternativen Weltentwürfen vergangener Gegenwarten
  • Dorothée Grünholz (Soziologie): Vom Sinn und Unsinn der ökonomischen Sicherheit – Machtvergleiche in Deutschland, Frankreich und Großbritannien
  • Meng-Hsi Pan (Soziologie): Chinese Diaspora in Germany and their “Chinese Dream”: An Analysis of Chinese Nationalism through the Lens of Migration
  • Katrin Rickmeier (Soziologie): Effects of Local Labour Market Conditions on Individual Labour Market Behaviour in Germany
  • Stephan Schütze (Soziologie): Internal Migration and the Transformation of Regional Electorates
  • Phanmika Sua-Ngam-Iam (Soziologie): Dienstwege in der öffentlichen Verwaltung - Empirische Fallstudie eines zugelassenen kommunalen Kreis-Jobcenters
  • Natia Tsaritova (Soziologie): The Role of Inter-Organizational Cooperation for the Arctic Council and the Advancement of Sustainable Development in the Arctic
  • You can find the Welcome Day presentation here:

    Komplettversion als PDF


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