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Panel Discussion: 356 Days after the Full-Scale Invasion - European Academia and Society in Times of War

Veröffentlicht am 15. Februar 2023, 12:10 Uhr

On February 23, we mark a sad anniversary: 365 days of full-scale Invasion have caused immense loss of life in Ukraine and turned the lives of millions of Ukrainians upside down. They also changed the way we think about our our economic situation, our idea of a European peace order, and our academic landscape.

We cordially invite you to join our panel discussion on the impact of war on universities and civil society across (Eastern and East-Central) Europe. Dr. Olena Tupakhina from Zaporizhzhia National University (Ukraine) will give us some insight into life at a frontline university, while our own Dr. Yaroslav Zhuravlov will give us a Ukrainian perspective of teaching and research at Bielfeld University this past year. Prof. Kornelia Konczal (Bielefeld) will discuss the Polish perspective, Dr. Nadezhda Beliakova (Bielefeld and Münster) will consider reactions among Russian academia and civil society, and Prof. Frank Grüner wil discuss the impact of the war on German academia.

The event will take place online (Zoom) on Feb 23, 18:15–19:45.


- Dr. Olena Tupakhina (Zaporizhzhia National University, Ukraine)
- Dr. Yaroslav Zhuravlov (Kyiv Academy of Sciences/Bielefeld University)
- Dr. Nadezhda Beliakova (Bielefeld University/University of Münster)
- Prof. Dr. Kornelia Konczal (Bielefeld University)
- Prof. Dr. Frank Grüner (Bielefeld University)

For the Link to the Zoom stream, please contact Anke Schwengelbeck (anke.schwengelbeck@uni-bielefeld.de).

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