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Online Internship - Holocaust Museum LA

Veröffentlicht am 16. März 2023, 11:06 Uhr
Liebe Studierende, nachfolgend ein Angebot für ein Online Praktikum des Holocaust Museums LA:



I hope this email finds you well. 


My name is Christie Jovanovic and I am the Chief Curator of Collections at Holocaust Museum LA. I was referred to you by the DAAD Office in New York, and they suggested I reach out about a virtual internship opportunity for German students.


Holocaust Museum LA currently hosts an internship program, where college students are able to work with the Museum’s collection of Holocaust era materials, many of which are documents and materials in a variety of languages. During covid we had the opportunity to take the internship virtual, and since that time have had a number of international students intern with us remotely, including some from overseas – for example, we recently had a German student interning with us from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and we currently have two students interning from the University of Silesia in Poland. You can see the internship description here (under Archival Internship) - https://www.holocaustmuseumla.org/volunteer


Tapping into an international student base remotely has been an incredible opportunity for both the Museum and students, as interns who have multiple languages have been able to gain the experience of helping to catalog and digitize the collection, while also being able to translate materials such as documents, correspondence and other materials, so that we can make these materials more accessible to scholars, students and the public.


I am looking to possibly connect with German universities that may be interested in partnering with Holocaust Museum LA to engage their students to apply for the internship (virtually). Our preference is that students are engaged in studies in the area of history (either graduate or undergraduate, depending on relevant experience). Right now, we work with University of California LA (UCLA) and other universities local to Southern California, and we have just partnered with the University of Haifa to begin working with their students in 2023.


Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and I would be happy to discuss further or answer any questions.


Kind Regards,



Christie Jovanovic, Chief Curator of Collections




M: 323-651-3704 D: 323-651-2625


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