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ICHTH & INTH Bookprize 2022 geht an Zoltán Boldiszár Simon

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2022, 17:59 Uhr
The International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography (ICHTH) and the International Network for Theory of History (INTH) joined forces to award a Book Prize for the best book on any aspect of the history and theory of historiography. After a long process of selection and deliberation the jury of the joint ICHTH & INTH Bookprize 2022 has come to a conclusion. Below follows their conclusion: 

"We received a high number of books of which many were of exceptionally high quality. 24 submissions were accepted, as fulfilling the necessary criteria as mentioned in the call. In order to assess the books we used the criteria of their theoretical and methodological originality, the clarity and strength of their argumentative structure and the way they develop, rethink or open up key questions and debates in the fields of the history and theory of history.Given the high average quality and the great diversity of the submitted books it was a difficult task for us to come to a decision about their ranking. After repeated deliberations the jury ended up with an ex-aequo at the top of its shortlist and therefore decided to exceptionally award the prize to two books. The ex-aequo winners of the joint ICHTH & INTH International Book Prize for the History and Theory of Historiography are Hans Ruin with his ‘Being with the Dead: Burial, Ancestral Politics and the Roots of Historical Consciousness’ (Stanford University Press, 2018) and Zoltán Boldiszár Simon with his ‘History in Times of Unprecedented Change: A Theory for the 21st Century’ (Bloomsbury, 2019).” 
The official announcement will take place during the ICHTH General Assembly in Poznan, on Friday, August 26th. The jury members include Antonis Liakos, Edoardo Tortarolo and Berber Bevernage.

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