SHUFFLE Continues

Published on 8. February 2024

The collaborative project SHUFFLE is set to continue its funding through the "Innovation in Higher Education Teaching" foundation, which has approved an extension until the end of December 2025, extending the original duration by 17 months. This decision has been enthusiastically received at all four project locations. The extension of the funding period presents an excellent opportunity to further advance digital accessibility in the higher education sector. The resources developed within the framework of SHUFFLE already make a significant contribution to promoting an inclusive educational landscape. This includes a comprehensive package of materials with checklists and guidelines for implementing and using accessible digital teaching materials and methods, specifically designed to support educators and other stakeholders in the higher education context.

Moreover, the project aims to highlight challenges and barriers for students within the Moodle learning platform, offers advice and tools for assessing and improving accessibility, and promotes awareness and integration of this important concern in the academic environment through an extensive knowledge base. Another innovative element is the "Accessible BlindDate" encounter platform, which provides insights into the daily study life of students with disabilities through the use of personas and offers concrete recommendations for overcoming barriers in teaching.

With the extension of funding, there are expanded opportunities to adapt and refine the support services provided for educators and university members to more closely meet the needs and requirements of users. In this context, a call for participatory co-creation and further development of project content is currently underway. Participate now in the evaluation of the Moodle course "Designing Accessible Moodle Courses" and express constructive feedback with your participation. To gain access to the course content, you must register in advance. You can use an existing Moodle account or create a free account. After successful login, you will have access to the course.