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Holidays are near

Veröffentlicht am 13. July 2023, 09:17 Uhr

Holidays are near

The semester is almost over and the summer break is approaching. Before everyone disappears for their holidays or the intensive writing phase, we would like to make a few announcements.

First of all, we would like to congratulate the 15 BGHS graduates who have completed their doctorates since January 2023. In chronological order, these are:

Sisay Dirirsa Megersa (History): Specters of Ethiopia and the National Question: A Global History Perspective of the Ethiopian Student Movement and its Postcolonial Sensibility during the long 1960s

Holly Patch (Sociology): Claim Your Voice: An Ethnographic Study of Trans*Vocality

Florian Kaiser (Sociology): The impact of formal control on delinquency during adolescence: Do formal control interventions prevent, promote, or have no effect on delinquent development?

Paulina Gennermann (Geschichtswissenschaft): Eine Geschichte mit Geschmack. Die Natur synthetischer Aromastoffe im 20. Jahrhundert am Beispiel Vanillin

Aziz Mensah (Sociology): Work- and life-related social determinants of health and health differences among workers across Europe

José Antonio Villareal Velásquez (History): Becoming a Plebeian Leader: Moral Careers, Life Stories, and Sociopolitical Bonds of Two Ordinary Persons

Takuma Fujii (Sociology): Die Eigenlogik der künstlerischen Felder und Mobilitätspraxen von angehenden Künstlern

Lisa Bonfert (Sociology): Subjective Social Positions in Cross-Border Perspective. How do Perceptions of Social Position Evolve in the Context of Cross-Border Migration?

Abrham Yohannes Gebremichael (Sociology): National Identities Versus Cultural Identities: Beta Israel Community

Jule Adriaans (Sociology): Distributive Justice: Definition, Determinants, and Consequences of the Justice of Earnings

Tobias Gehring (Sociology): Discourses on refugees in Ugandan media. Homogenization and silencing in newspapers of Africaʼs primary refugee host country

Karlson Preuß (Sociology): Die Erfindung des 19. Jahrhunderts im westlichen Rechtsdenken. Ein wissens- und professionssoziologischer Beitrag zur Rechtshistoriographie

Julia Engelschalt (History): The Great Obsession: Tropicality in US-American Colonial Medicine and Domestic Public Health, 1898-1924

Nele Weiher (Sociology): Identitätsbildung von trans*Migrant*innen. Eine empirische Analyse unter Berücksichtigung heteronormativer Machtstrukturen

Elisa Gensler (Sociology): Algorithmische Arbeitssteuerung und Arbeitsautonomie in Arbeitsorganisationen. Eine Untersuchung zu Gestaltungsoptionen, Bewertungen und Auswirkungen

We are very pleased that the BGHS was allowed to accompany you during the doctorate!

We would also like to hint to two events that will take place in autumn. In the last week of September, the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) on the topic of “Understanding - the researchers’ perspectives and knowledge production”, which the BGHS is conducting in cooperation with six international universities, will begin with the on-site phase in Bielefeld. We are expecting about 20 doctoral researchers and 10 lecturers from the universities of Bologna, Helsinki, Jaén, Örebro, Paris Cité and Tel Aviv and are already looking forward to the exchange. The virtual phase will follow from October to December. You can find the flyer for the BIP here.

And there's something to celebrate this autumn: the BGHS is turning 15. To mark the occasion, we are organising a talk between BGHS directors Klaus Weinhauer and Ruth Ayaß and the future rector of Bielefeld University, Angelika Epple, about her visions and plans for graduate training on Tuesday, 21 November 2023, starting at 6 pm. Afterwards, four professors from Bielefeld University will discuss their personal and disciplinary perspectives on the topic of scientific understanding in an Interdisciplinary Dialogue. We have been able to win as discussants: Oliver Flügel-Martinsen (Political Theory), Marie Kaiser (Philosophy of Science), Lisa Regazzoni (Theory of History) and Tobias Werron (Sociological Theory). More information on the event will be available after the summer break.

Speaking of summer break: The BGHS office also deserves a break and will be closed from 11 August to 01 September.

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